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    Listening to this song by Bright Eyes reminds me of Dad. Well not so much Dad, but death in general, I suppose. It's comforting. Yesterday I went to the city with Emily, Katie and Jeff. It was a good time even though we ended up just driving around instead of going to the zoo. We ate at St. Louis Bread Co. and I got the Mediterrean Veggie Sandwich, without the feta cheese and cucumbers. It was okay. The crust on the bread was way, way, too chewy.
    I read yesterday that Bea Arthur died. I'm so sad, I thought she was an awesome actress! To be honest, I've only seen her in The Golden Girls (best show ever!), but she totally made the show! I think a Bea Arthur-fest is in order. Maybe this weekend (next weekend? I never know how to say that when it's a Sunday).
    Tonight I'm going to the final showing of my high school's production of Fiddler on the Roof. I'm slightly excited.
    I would write more but my arms are tired. It also smells like poop in my room and I need to investigate the smell. I slept 7 hours last night and 3 the night before.

first entry =D

Things are looking up. I'm saving money kinda ( I quit smoking cigs and quit buying until 420 ) and it seems to be helping a bit with the financial situation...

I should be getting my next social security payment transferred into my savings... I just wish the damn bank would let me access my account, those stupid fuckheads. >_<

In other news.... we jammin... and I hope you like jammin too.

PS: Dear God, why do I always attract the creepy guys? Hm? Answer me this.